Releasing Conpot

Update Readme

Update the README with the sample output and the new version.

Update Changelog

Update the Changelog.txt in the root folder with the changes since the last release.

Update Conpot version

Update conpot/ so it contains the new version string.

Check Tests

Make sure all tests are passing:


Tagging and Pushing

Commit all the changes you want to have in the tag.

git tag -a Release_x.y.z -m 'release x.y.z'
git push origin --tags

Travis CI has been configured to deploy when it encounters a tag matching the regex:


Mess ups

If you fucked up a tag, you can fix it using the following procedure:


git tag new_tag old_tag

Delete the old tag:

git tag -d old_tag

Delete the old tag on remote:

git push origin :refs/tags/old_tag


Build the package:

python sdist

Get the PKG-INFO from the .tgz in dist/package.tgz Create new release on PyPI and add PKG-INFO to new release. Upload the .tgz

Update the documentation: