conpot.protocols.modbus package


conpot.protocols.modbus.modbus_block_databus_mediator module

class conpot.protocols.modbus.modbus_block_databus_mediator.ModbusBlockDatabusMediator(databus_key, starting_address)

Bases: object

This class represents the values for a range of addresses

is_in(starting_address, size)

Returns true if a block with the given address and size would overlap this block

conpot.protocols.modbus.modbus_server module

conpot.protocols.modbus.slave module

class conpot.protocols.modbus.slave.MBSlave(slave_id, dom)

Bases: modbus_tk.modbus.Slave

Customized Modbus slave representation extending modbus_tk.modbus.Slave

add_block(block_name, block_type, starting_address, size)

Add a new block identified by its name

handle_request(request_pdu, broadcast=False)

parse the request pdu, makes the corresponding action and returns the response pdu

conpot.protocols.modbus.slave_db module

class conpot.protocols.modbus.slave_db.SlaveBase(template)

Bases: modbus_tk.modbus.Databank

Database keeping track of the slaves.

add_slave(slave_id, unsigned=True, memory=None)

Add a new slave with the given id

handle_request(query, request, mode)

Handles a request. Return value is a tuple where element 0 is the response object and element 1 is a dictionary of items to log.

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